Founded in 2013, Bearded Kingz, a DMV (DC, MD, & VA) clothing brand that is continuing to grow and separate itself from the ongoing current view of the world and media. Bearded Kingz was created as a way to highlight and promote positivity, creativity and philanthropy through fashion; and strives for all races, genders and creeds to come together built on positivity, change and unity, rather than adverse stereotypes.  The term “Kingz” and “Queenz” was strategically placed into the brand to encourage the respect for all men and women.  Calling for the respect for each other by calling ourselves by our rightful titles, which is something more uplifting and inspiring to display our true quality of life.  Also, to promote high standards for one’s self, respect for others, and understanding that we are all royalty. 

Since 2013, The Bearded Kingz brand has gained a lot of attention from numerous celebrities and Professional Athletes including Recording Artist Kevin McCall, Cleveland Browns Isaiah Trufant, DJ King Henry, Cleveland Browns Justin Staples, Crossfit Athlete Elisabeth Akinwale, and Comedian Nate Jackson just to name a few. 

Please stay on the lookout for more things to come as we are constantly doing things to enhance our brand while enhancing the lifestyles of others. – Bearded Kingz